I am a creative wizard on Photoshop. I can make you look like an airbrushed supermodel. I show your artwork or products to their best advantage for listing on your website. I can fix up those coffee stains on your great-grandfather’s military photo. I can compile photos into a surreal image that will be sure to grab attention on Instagram.



Photo Restoration

From vintage photos to lighting and colour tweaks, I can restore and improve your images to their best versions of themselves.

Photo Airbrushing and Glamour Shots

Put your best face forward with photo editing to make you look your best. Who needs cosmetic surgery?

I can also add something special. I can put you in Paris for your most recent anniversary, or digitally reunite you with your sister that you haven’t seen in years. You’ll have the photo to prove it.


Enhanced Product Images

Don’t cheapen your business with poor quality product images. Your products, product mock-ups and artwork can look as amazing on the web as they do in real life.

Removing Backgrounds

Don’t you hate it when you have just the perfect photo…except for THAT THING. Leave “that thing” with me. I can remove backgrounds for a transparent png image that will look great on your website. I can also remove distracting elements, like the bunny ears cousin Clive put behind Auntie Alice’s head in the family Christmas photo or the housefly that photo-bombed your product photo shoot.

How much does photo editing cost?

It depends on what you want to have done. Simple edits like color enhancement or spot repair start at $10 / image. For most projects, I charge an hourly rate of $50 / hour. Tell me what you have in mind, and I’ll quote a flat rate.

How does photo manipulation work?

Image manipulation is the skillful and imaginative use of Photoshop’s layering and editing tools – plus a little bit of magic – to create a new surreal image from a series of other images.

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