Wordpress web design for business startup

A small business helping small businesses, Small Business Plans required a website that made optimal use of SEO and responsiveness.

Platform: WordPress

UX WordPress design using flipboxes for easy navigation

UX Website design

Small Business Plans caters to new business owners, people who are busy, spend a lot of time on their phones and don’t have time or need for a lot of tech.

User Experience (also known as UX) creates a design with the client in mind. It incorporates easy navigation and a minimal number of clicks to get the sought-after information.

The Small Business Plans’ design uses flipboxes that contain pertinent information about the plans on offer in a simple and visual way. The flipboxes connect to pages and products for more information and purchase.

A powerful mega-menu makes browsing easy.

Small business website with mega menu
Responsive website design for small business

Responsive Design for small business

Analytics showed that the Small Business Plans customer usually accessed the website on a mobile phone, so responsive design that worked well on mobile was vitally important.