When Arts Canterbury reached out to me about re-designing their website, their existing website was outdated, inadequate for their needs and offered little online presence. I was contracted to remodel the website and refresh the organisation’s branding.
My research was disheartening. For a discipline that relies on visual representation, few artist organisations present themselves well online. The work for Arts Canterbury would need to be undertaken from scratch.

Platform: WordPress

Clean Website Design

We chose a simple design on a WordPress CMS that would showcase the artists’ work with little interference from other elements. Clean white backgrounds and simple sans-serif text keep the image-heavy site light and airy. Multiple portfolios and galleries highlight the work of nearly 200 artists.

And of course, it’s responsive!

Searchable Artist Gallery Pages

The Arts Canterbury website was kept minimalist in order to showcase multiple artist portfolios at their best advantage. Galleries may filtered by discipline and medium. Subtle Kelburn animation gives depth to the galleries.

Shareable Content

Attention was paid to SEO to increase the site’s visibility, and each page, from exhibitions to artist galleries, is easily sharable on social media. The design works equally well on mobile as it does on a desktop computer.

Online Membership Payments

Visitors can become members of the artist association at the click of a button using a WooCommerce application.